Buttistore Standardization

Since the year 2015, buttistore has achieved millions of happy customers and followers. There are various reasons to why buttistore and its artworks are a hit. Buttistore standardization is first among them. This article helps you understand about “What is buttistore standardization?”, “Why standardization?” and “How artist processes an order?”

What is Buttistore standardization?

Buttistore has a set of rules and specifications that are followed by all the artists that makes the artwork beautiful in the merit of the original image. The rule typically includes specifications on Orientation, Position, Dress & designs, Props, Margin and Color combination & background.

Why standardization?

Everything in this world has its own characteristics and beauty. An artwork is not apart from it. Buttistore and its artist team with years of experience and thousands of experiments have made              a spec-sheet (specification sheet) that decides how an image can be turned to an art beautifully. All the orders in buttistore go through the specification test for quality assurance.

How artist processes an order?

Using the spec-sheet artists with years of experience and excellence decide what specifications are right and best suited based on the merit of the ordered image.

  • Orientation

By default artist chooses the orientation of the original image. That is if the original image is in portrait mode artwork will also be in portrait mode and if the original image is in landscape mode artwork will also be in landscape mode.

  • Position

By default artist will position the object (person in the image) according to the one third rule of positioning. One third rule is a famous rule of positioning in photography, films and artworks. While positioning artist typically zooms, crops and resizes the object in the image to its best position. After all positioning is the key work in art.

  • Dress & Designs

By default artist will redraw and rework on dress and designs of the person in the image. However incase if the dress has embroidery, designs, jewelry etc, artist won’t be able to maintain 100% accuracy. For the same reason those parts of the image will be only filtered and left.

  • Props

By default artist will not be drawing any props other than that of the person in the image is possessing unless other things are requested by the customer in advance.

  • Color combinations & Background

Buttistore is known for its choice of colors. Artist with years of experience chooses the right color combinations for the picture from the dress color, ambiance and skin tone so that the foreground and the background in the artwork would blend.

2005542 a1 n 1The green and red color combination in the background is taken from the saree of the woman and the kurta of the man. The colors when taken from the dress color go so well that the foreground and the background will not look separated. Instead they will blend well.