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What makes digital art a better choice?

digital art

It is the era of technology, and everything is digital and computerized. We read newspapers and magazines online, order food and groceries through apps, and get our check-ups done with video calls, among other things. Digitalization has taken over almost all aspects of human life, including art. Before the 21st century, we used to see artists in clothes splattered with paint and carrying a bag full of art supplies. However, with advancements in technology, all an artist need is a tablet and stylus pen.

Digital art is taking the world by storm with its perfect balance of accessibility and design. It is the process of creating a piece of art with the aid of a computer and software. Like traditional art, it tells a visual tale, evokes feelings and promotes happiness. The great thing about digital art is that it can be put out in front of a wide audience. Digital technology allows the artist to create a piece of artwork that can be seen and appreciated by people worldwide. Now, there are brands that also allow you to buy digital art online in India or anywhere around the world.

Benefits of Digital Art

  • Efficient: Gone are the days of carrying art supplies and being afraid of your accidents or mishaps. Gone are the times when you have to carry your piece of art back and forth between working areas. Digital art can easily be shared with people living far away from you without the worry of it getting damaged. It takes less time to share your art and get feedback.
  • Less waste: Mistakes are a common part of every work, and art is no exception. Think of all the time you wasted on papers when your art piece did not come out as planned. Also, there is the waste of art supplies that, combined with paper, adds up over time. With digital art, you don’t have to worry about this!
  • Cost-effective: If considered, digital art is more cost-effective than traditional art in the long run. Though investing in the right software and digital tool will be costly at first, it is fruitful in the long run.
  • Timeless: Certain memories are too precious to let go. And capturing them with digital art ensures that you can cherish them for a long time. Traditional paintings come with an end date, while digital art is a timeless piece of art that you can cherish for a long time.

Buttistore: Paints your life on a digital canvas

Buttistore is India’s prominent art platform dedicated to painting your life’s precious moments on a digital canvas. With a team of skilled artists, dedicated professionals, and experience, we are proud to say we are experts in our field. We help you convert your favourite snaps into digital art with the help of a Stylus pen and Wacom tablet. With us, you can buy digital art online in India with the ease and comfortability of your home.

digital art

A photograph captures a wealth of memories and emotions. Each photo tells a unique tale of happy times that we would like to revisit repeatedly. And we help you in precisely that. We help you turn your photos into digital art so that you can preserve them for eternity. It is made carefully by our skilled artists laying focus on every little detail to perfectly replicate your memory.

We also print your artwork on a premium matte sheet, frame it with a back mould and deliver it to you anywhere in India. You also get the added benefits of multiple frame sizes, delivery choices, and free shipping!

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How To Convert Your Traditional Photos Into A Digital Painting Masterpiece?

photo to digital painting online

Have you ever wanted to try something new with your photography? Why not take a simple click of the camera and transform it into a digital painting?

That is exactly what I intend to throw light on through this post. Understandably, not everyone is a painter, and while painting abilities would be useful, you don’t have to be an artist to achieve this.

You will get to know how to include some innovative ideas and procedures that any photographer may apply, even if they are not artistically inclined or have access to the same tools that several professionals use.

The goal is to open your mind to the possibilities of using your photographs artistically. To convert these golden memories you carry with you into a digital painting online.

Getting Started

Several Professionals have liked to experiment with digital painting applications for many years and have never been completely happy with the results. Initially, they might have used a software named Gertrudis, which subsequently evolved into GMX PhotoPainter.

The advantages of GMX include its low cost and ease of use; it is quite simple for someone with no expertise to transform photo to Digital Painting online, and as you become acquainted with the basic toolset and brushes, you will ultimately go to bespoke brush strokes and brushes.

GMX performs an excellent job of converting photographs into artwork; enthusiasts used it several times to capture photos of individuals and transform them into artwork, which we would then print on canvas.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the perks of GMX is some of its auto stroke and auto painting-like capabilities, which are fantastic for folks who aren’t entirely confident in their painting abilities. GMX, on the other hand, provides a lot of power for individuals who wish to customize the stroke and color.

At some time, Artists would want greater control over their strokes and additional capabilities; however, these features necessitated the purchase of more expensive software.

Corel Painter is an application that I’ve always heard is excellent for digital painting. You can buy it, and despite being overwhelmed by all of its features at first, you can quickly learn the software.

You don’t need to acquire Corel Painter or a Tablet to get started; they only make the process simpler.

Seek an Online Service to Refine Your Digital Painting

Even if you stop reading this post right now and realize you don’t have a painter’s bone in your body, you can still aid these artists. One of my biggest issues, when I was younger and attempting to draw, was finding excellent quality reference photographs;

I am one of those artists who has to look at something before drawing it. Over the years, I’ve received several denials of permission from photographers who were concerned about their image and copyright concerns.

Why not consider granting permission for your photograph to be used as a reference image by an online service? You are not required to give up the high-resolution digital snapshot.

You will be pleased to pay a price for the digital painting masterpiece we at Buttistore will be providing you. Also, bear in mind that it does not have to be the entire image.

photo to digital painting online

Tools Professionals Use

I’m not going to claim that everyone who wants to turn images into artwork requires a tablet, but having one offers you complete control over the paint strokes, the direction they take, and the end effect. Using a tablet and tablet pens in conjunction with Corel Painter is similar to using a real paintbrush.

Extra pens are not required; you can draw well with the basic tablet configuration, and it does not have to be a Wacom, although, in my view, Wacom makes the best tablet on the market.

It’s up to you what you use, however having a tablet and a pen makes some activities a lot easier and more natural than not having one.

Not only for painting but also for regular usage with tools like Adobe Photoshop.

The Learning Outcome

Buttistore makes the hassle of converting a photo into a Digital Painting a whole lot easier.

Each gorgeous piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans utilizing a Wacom tablet (digital canvas for artists) and a stylus pen (digital brush). The artist crafts the artwork from scratch to replicate every element in the photo you submit, from your features to your emotion and posture.

Because of the improved texture depth and natural-looking color palettes, these framed digital artworks will become your new favorite. But, lest you think we’re blaming everything on technology, know that this isn’t the case.

The digital painting period is only possible because of Buttistore’s brilliant artists at work who have the expertise and inventiveness to produce this incredible digital painting.

A snapshot holds a treasure trove of memories and emotions. Each shot has a unique narrative in itself. To celebrate it, create a souvenir with a customized frame to bring your loved ones’ most treasured memories to life in a very distinctive way.

These artworks digital paintings fulfill your need to relive your finest experiences with the people you care about.

Our one-of-a-kind photo-to-digital-art collection is inspired by the prospect of preserving those moments that you cherish.

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How Can You Transform Your Traditional Photos Into Art?

personalized photo to art services online

You are involved in a local theatre play in your state. Since you were a child, you have had a strong desire to perform in front of an audience and to dress up for various roles.

And now that you’re an adult, you believe that theatrical production is the greatest way for you to achieve all of these things; with a theatre production, you can continue doing what you enjoy.

Until recently, one of the largest produced plays in the theatre production has just been completed. For months, everyone had been practicing for this. This is most likely one of the highlights of your acting career.

And you’re thinking about converting your snapshot into a painting to remember the play for years to come.

When you’ve done something you’re proud of, you want to remember it for as long as possible. While everyone has images to document these moments, you may experiment with uncommon mediums such as the feature of converting your photos to art.

This is a unique approach to saving memories from your theatre show!

The Top 5 Benefits in a Nutshell

  1. Versatility

This is something you can only obtain if you happen to choose an Art over photographs.

Art can be classified into several categories, which means that whatever your taste is, there will always be a painting type suitable for you.

Ink painting is a good option if you want your paintings to be expressive in black and white print. Spray or oil paints might be used if you want it to pop with color.

The outcomes of these paintings are significantly superior to those of any manipulated images.

  1. Creativity at its Best

Everyone wishes to be creative, and art may be a wonderful medium through which you can do so. When you opt to paint instead of taking pictures, you may utilize your creativity more freely. You can choose to express your feelings through abstract art.

You may fill in the blanks with any data and scribbles you desire, as well as your creative touches.

If you choose an online service to do so, to convert preserve your photos in the form of art, for longer periods, your originality will develop, which will be important in your theatre performance — a creative performer will always receive a lot of applause!

  1. Feel Relaxed looking at the masterpiece you just Revealed

It’s natural to be worried after spending hours preparing for your theatre play. If you don’t do something about it, you’ll get unmotivated in whatever you do.

The fast fix? Looking at the Art that we curated for you from your old photograph.

This is one of the simplest ways to release tension while still providing an output at the end of the day.

When you paint, you will forget about your frustrations and have fun. You’ll be comfortable and tranquil the moment you start painting. You won’t get any of them if you just decide to shoot shots.

  1. Uncover your Hidden Emotions

Because you can do whatever you want with your paintings, you may use this as a medium to express all of your secret feelings. If you believe that no words can explain how pleased or unhappy you are about something, express it via your art.

You may do this by selecting colors or themes that are suited for your emotions. There are no boundaries to what you can do to your photos, by refurbishing them to art and by choosing Buttistore to do so.

  1. You become Observant

Making anything into an art necessitates looking at details from several perspectives.

You should pay attention to how a model puts her hand on her waist or how a man arranges his hair. These are little elements, yet they may have a huge influence on how a painting appears.

When you educate your brain to be more detail-oriented, this attribute will become second nature to you over time. Because of art, you’ll be someone who is always seeking details, no matter how large or little.

personalized photo to art services online

The Bottom Line

There are several methods for preserving memories of significant events in your life.

It’s a simple way to save memories. And, while you can always do that, don’t be afraid to branch out — don’t be hesitant to convert your photos into art. Buttistore’s got your back!

The latter will allow you greater creative flexibility while also providing you with various long-term rewards.

If you’re persuaded that converting photos from your theatre play into art is the best option, Buttistore may be your one-stop solution!

To know more about our Personalized Photo to Art service, visit